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How can we be so excited about head lice?

It's easy really, since it's mostly about making the experience of a dreaded head lice infestation a little bit happier and less stressful.

From the beginning of the Bug Off project, the essential ingredient has always been the love we put into it. Without this essential ingredient, we wouldn't have come up with a series of products that are tailor-made with the end result in mind - which is control of head lice infestation = elimination of stress. Life's too complicated already so we aim to simplify it.

Our founding Director of the company Allison Manning (who is also the chief inventor of the special formula) is so passionate about these products. Essentially the formula came from a "see a need and fill it" situation where she saw a lot of parents struggling with finding a product that worked and also having a little one with sensitive and allergy prone skin.

In a nutshell - these are products developed by an Aussie Mum for Aussie Kids!

We could go on about Bug Off all day if anyone cared to listen (but probably they wouldn't) so the proof is in the pudding, as they say. Try some and find out for yourself why we get so excited about our Bug Off Head Lice System. Order some today or search for a stockist close to you.

Devotion Aromatherapy
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Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persists see your doctor/healthcare practitioner.

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